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The Camp

Learn more about Camp Boggy Creek by taking a virtual tour!

Camp Tour

Due to COVID restrictions, we are not currently offering in-person tours of Camp. However, you can take a virtual tour by clicking here. Once COVID restrictions are lifted, we will once again offer in-person tours. For more information, please contact Wendy Proctor at 352-483-4126.


Our Facilities

Camp is constructed to the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act and accredited by the highly respected American Camp Association. All of the facilities at Camp are accessible and adaptable for all of our campers and families. Below are just a few of our facilities. To see all facilities at Camp, please click here.

Gatehouse Water Tower.JPG

Gatehouse & Water Tower

The Gatehouse and Water Tower are the first landmarks our guests see from Brantley Branch Road. Welcome to Camp!