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Read Camp Stories

Camp Boggy Creek is focused on unforgettable camp experiences.

Read Camp Stories

Campers and staff are empowered to do things they never dreamed they could do. They are infused with a spirit of accomplishment at every turn and allowed to forget that “they have what they have.”

Read the true stories of the profound impact that Camp Boggy Creek has had on children, parents, and volunteers throughout the years. 



"Letting go is never easy, but letting go at Camp Boggy Creek provides hope and joy!”


This is Kasey's story

Camper Gabe's Story-1.jpg


"Camp will always be their home away from home where everyone will always be safe, respected and loved."


This is Gabe's story

Delaney's Story from Camper to Nurse-1.jpg


"Nursing requires a lot of teamwork so everything I learned as an LIT at Camp was very helpful!"


This is Delaney's story

"When I was sad, Boggy Creek gave me a shoulder to cry on. When I was lonely, they taught me I'm not alone, and when I thought I couldn't live like this, they gave me a hundred plus reasons to live for." — Tina, camper

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