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Learn about the activities we offer to all campers.

Our Activities

Camp Boggy Creek offers a unique experience for children with serious illnesses to experience joy and happiness in a camp setting. Part of our mission is to provide campers with inclusive activities that foster a creative and fun atmosphere, and through these activities, we encourage independence and choice. Our staff plan safe, age-appropriate games and projects for multi-generational family fun.

(For safety and logistical reasons, some of our regular activities will not be available in 2022.  For modified summer camp in 2022, we are planning to have Swimming, Nature, Creative Arts, Woodshop, Archery, Boating & Fishing, Theater, Music, Miniature Golf, and Recreation Fun, along with lots of other fun activities counselors will create each session.)



Whether you are an expert swimmer or just starting out, come splish-splash and swim around our heated pool. We have a shallow end with an accessible sloped entry and a deep end that’s available after a swim test. We also offer toys and poolside games for everyone to enjoy. Lifeguards are always on duty when the pool is open.


During the summer, local friends in the community let their horses live at Camp to provide rides all season, and during the rest of the year, those local friends bring their horses to Camp for select family camps.  Sometimes we ride in the horse barn arena, and sometimes we ride in the woods at the edge of Camp, always with a trained adult walking and leading each horse.



Nature activities could include going on a nature trail, looking at bugs with magnifying glasses, searching for gopher tortoises, and learning about the plants and animals at Camp.


Arts & Crafts

There are so many exciting ways to express your artistic talent, and many of them are available at arts and crafts. Beads, paints, markers, glitter, googly-eyes, and more are ready to be incorporated in the next camper masterpiece. What will you create?


At the woodshop, campers can create wonderful wooden projects, such as birdhouses, ducks, key hooks, and picture frames. There are cut-outs of all shapes and sizes. After the project has been constructed, it’s time to decorate and personalize. Campers can paint, stain, or wood-burn designs as they let their imaginations run wild.

The Tower

Campers in the oldest pride get the opportunity to conquer the 42-foot tower by cheering, supporting cabin mates, climbing, being lifted with a pulley system, or zipping down the zip line. Climbing options include a rock wall and a huge ladder that looks like it was built for a giant.



The first thing campers learn is how to safely wield a bow and arrow. We have right- and left-handed bows at our shady archery range. After they have learned to use the equipment, campers enjoy shooting targets of all shapes and sizes.



The theater is home to games, drum circles, Mad Libs, skit creation, and other fun activities to allow campers to build their imaginations and to have the opportunity to perform for others on stage. The dressing rooms are fully stocked with fun costumes and props. Our campers can’t wait to shine under the bright lights!


Boating & Fishing

We have all the rods and tackle you need to reel in a big one. Campers can fish off the dock or take a ride in a paddleboat. With our catch, kiss, and release program, we show our love to the fish by giving them a kiss and sending them on their way. Keep a look out for Sourpuss, the biggest fish in the lake!  Of course, lifeguards are always on duty when boating and fishing is open.



Drums, bells, triangles, castanets, rhythm sticks, maracas, tambourines, sand blocks, cymbals and cabasas. What will you choose to create a rhythm with other campers?  We explore our instruments, create beats, sing songs, create songs, and explore music.



Miniature Golf

Campers can enjoy a round of miniature golf on our fully stocked miniature golf course that includes a waterfall. Putt, putt, putt, fore! 


Work as a team to create tasty edible treats in our camper kitchen. Campers can have fun inventing new flavor combinations, while learning important kitchen basics like measuring and mixing. As an added bonus, everyone gets to have fun and eat their creations.