Volunteer Schedule

Learn more about our modified family program called Family Getaway Weekends here!

2021 Summer Family Getaway Weekends
Volunteer Arrival
Dates of Camp
North Florida Cancer
Volunteer Arrival: June 4
Dates of Camp: June 4-6
Volunteer Arrival: June 18
Dates of Camp: June 18-20
Volunteer Arrival: July 9
Dates of Camp: July 9-11
Bleeding Disorders/Hemophilia
Volunteer Arrival: July 23
Dates of Camp: July 23-25
Sickle Cell
Volunteer Arrival: Aug. 6
Dates of Camp: Aug. 6-8
South Florida Cancer
Volunteer Arrival: Aug. 20
Dates of Camp: Aug. 20-22
Volunteer Arrival: Sept. 3
Dates of Camp: Sept. 3-5
2021 Fall Family Getaway Weekends
Volunteer Arrival
Dates of Camp
Volunteer Arrival: Sept. 24
Dates of Camp: Sept. 24-26
Bleeding Disorders/Hemophilia
Volunteer Arrival: Oct. 8
Dates of Camp: Oct. 8-10
Volunteer Arrival: Oct. 22
Dates of Camp: Oct. 22-24
Cancer (Jacksonville)
Volunteer Arrival: Nov. 12
Dates of Camp: Nov. 12-14
Volunteer Arrival: Dec. 3
Dates of Camp: Dec. 3-5
"At Boggy Creek all are accepted for the wonderful person they are and encouraged to embrace the life given them. What a wonderful place to be a part of. Boggy Creek is incredible. Volunteering here for the summer was incredible."
- Tristin, Camp Volunteer