Volunteer Schedule

Volunteer applications are available at the following times:

Spring Family Retreats: November 15th (sessions 1-5) and January 6th (sessions 6-9)
Summer Camp: April 4th
Fall Family Retreats: July 15th (session 1-4) and August 6th (sessions 5-8)

Spring 2019 Family Retreat Weekends
Volunteer Arrival
Dates of Camp
Volunteer Arrival: Jan 11
Dates of Camp: Jan 11-13
Spina Bifida
Volunteer Arrival: Jan 18
Dates of Camp: Jan 18-21
Volunteer Arrival: Feb 1
Dates of Camp: Feb 1-3
Volunteer Arrival: Feb 15
Dates of Camp: Feb 15-17
Gastro/Immune Deficiency/Kidney
Volunteer Arrival: Feb 22
Dates of Camp: Feb 22-24
Volunteer Arrival: Mar 6
Dates of Camp: Mar 6-10
Volunteer Arrival: Mar 22
Dates of Camp: Mar 22-24
Volunteer Arrival: Mar 29
Dates of Camp: Mar 29-31
Sickle Cell
Volunteer Arrival: Apr 5
Dates of Camp: Apr 5-7
Summer 2019 Camp Sessions
Volunteer Arrival
Dates of Camp
Cancer (North)
Volunteer Arrival: May 31
Dates of Camp: Jun 1-6
Volunteer Arrival: Jun 9
Dates of Camp: Jun 10 - 15
Volunteer Arrival: Jun 18
Dates of Camp: Jun 19-24
Volunteer Arrival: Jun 27
Dates of Camp: Jun 28 - July 3
Arthritis/Gastro/Immune Deficiency
Volunteer Arrival: July 7
Dates of Camp: July 8 - 13
Cancer (South)
Volunteer Arrival: July 16
Dates of Camp: July 17 - 22
Sickle Cell
Volunteer Arrival: July 25
Dates of Camp: July 26 - 31
Asthma/Craniofacial/Kidney/Spina Bifida/Transplant
Volunteer Arrival: Aug 3
Dates of Camp: Aug 4 - 9
Fall 2019 Family Retreat Weekends
Volunteer Arrival
Dates of Camp
Volunteer Arrival: Sept 13
Dates of Camp: Sept 13-15
Bleeding Disorders/Hemophilia
Volunteer Arrival: Sept 20
Dates of Camp: Sept 20-22
Volunteer Arrival: Sept 27
Dates of Camp: Sept 27-29
Spina Bifida
Volunteer Arrival: Oct 11
Dates of Camp: Oct 11-13
Volunteer Arrival: Oct 18
Dates of Camp: Oct 18-20
Volunteer Arrival: Oct 25
Dates of Camp: Oct 25-27
Cancer (Jacksonville)
Volunteer Arrival: Nov 15
Dates of Camp: Nov 15-17
Volunteer Arrival: Nov 22
Dates of Camp: Nov 22-24
"All I can say is THANK YOU again for giving Aaron a great week of fun. He came home rejuvenated and animated! He had an experience he won't ever forget. Boggy Creek brings him to life...after all he has to deal with and all the worry you give him a smile that is just priceless."
- Roger, Camper Dad