Who are the campers?
Camp Boggy Creek accepts children ages 7-16 that have been diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer, sickle cell anemia, and epilepsy. Many children are still under active treatment, while others are in remission. Sessions are divided among 15 different illness groups. Summer Camp allows the camper to experience camp for one week in a medically safe environment, while Family Weekends allow the camper’s entire family the chance to enjoy camp for a weekend stay.

Who are the Volunteers?
We accept volunteers from all walks of life who are from all over the world. Individuals, ages 19 and older, are welcome to apply. We also encourage groups to volunteer with us. Our camp sessions offer great opportunities for teambuilding, college credit, and service hours.

NOTE: Medical volunteers are also needed for each session. Please click here for more information about becoming a medical volunteer.

How can I help?

For 2021…
You may volunteer during our Family Getaway Weekends as a Pal by helping our families enjoy activities in their cabins and outdoor locations. Pals will be instrumental in helping us to spread the Spirit of Boggy Creek by bringing their enthusiasm and positivity. Learn more about Family Getaway Weekends and sign up to volunteer here.

During the fall and spring… (Family Retreat are currently on hiatus as Camp hosts Family Getaways throughout 2021)
You may volunteer during our Family Weekends as a Family Pal, Activity Pal, Certified Lifeguard, Support Group Facilitator or Dining Hall Assistant. Generally there are 65 pals needed for each weekend. Volunteers participate in a range of camp activities, assisting our campers and their families in reaching the main goal….having FUN!

During the summer… (Summer Camps are currently on hiatus as Camp hosts Family Getaways throughout 2021)
You may volunteer as a Cabin Counselor, Equestrian Assistant or Dining Hall Assistant. Generally, there are 25 male volunteers and 25 female volunteers needed for each session. Volunteers participate in the full range of camp activities, assisting our campers in reaching the main goal… having the week of their life! Ask your friends and family to join you this summer! NOTE: While we need both male and female volunteers during the summer, we have a great need for male volunteers. If a summer session fills, we do have waitlists and encourage applicants to be placed on the waitlist as we may have cancellations.

NOTE: Certified Lifeguards are always needed, so please help us spread the word.

Where will I stay?

During Family Getaway Weekends…
Volunteers will have a private sleeping space and private bathroom in one of our lodges or cabins.

During the fall and spring… (Family Retreat are currently on hiatus as Camp hosts Family Getaways throughout 2021)
Volunteers will stay in one of our three air-conditioned lodges while the families stay in the cabins.

During the summer… (Summer Camps are currently on hiatus as Camp hosts Family Getaways throughout 2021)
Volunteers will join two full-time summer staff and live in one of our 16 duplex cabins adjoining 8-10 campers. Medical volunteers will stay in the Medical Duplex.

What time do I need to arrive on Volunteer Arrival Day and when do I leave on Departure Day?
For Family Weekend Getaways throughout 2021, you will need to arrive at camp by 4:30 pm on the Friday of your selected session. Departure is usually around 12:00 pm on Sunday. Check the Volunteer Calendar for session dates. 

For Summer Camp (on hiatus throughout 2021), you will need to arrive at camp by 1:00 pm on Volunteer Arrival Day of your selected session. For Family Weekend Retreats (on hiatus throughout 2021), you will need to arrive by 2:00 pm on the Friday of your selected session. Departure is usually around 12:00 pm on the final day of your session.

Do I have to attend the Orientation?
Yes! Each volunteer must take part in an intensive training session prior to camper arrival. Orientation is your toolbox for the week or weekend. You would be at a great disadvantage without it. We discuss the schedule of activities for the week or weekend, review camp policies and procedures and present a general medical overview of the session illness. You will also take a tour of camp and receive other important information regarding your volunteer role with our campers. You will be asked to attend a second orientation upon returning for another session.

What does it cost to volunteer?
Nothing! Food and lodging are provided. Volunteers only need to provide their own transportation to and from camp along with their personal belongings.

Do you provide transportation to camp?
We will not provide any transportation to camp for Family Getaway Weekends throughout 2021.

What do I need to bring?
After you have completed the application process, you will receive an Acceptance Packet via email. There will be packing tips, a map to the camp and a mock schedule of the week’s or weekend’s activities.  We also strongly encourage you to bring a wrist watch, as you will be asked to leave your cell phones in the staff lodges/cabins while you are playing with kids.

May I volunteer for more than one session?
Yes! You may volunteer for up to two sessions with an evaluation made after the second session if additional sessions are desired.

How does the application process work?
You should complete the online application, ASAP.

After you complete the online application, you will be contacted closer to your scheduled session to participate in a phone conversation, so that we can learn more about you and you can learn more about camp. The conditional offer of a volunteer position is contingent upon the results of your reference checks, criminal background screening, and medical/immunization requirements.

NOTE: an additional Summer Physical signed by a physician and fingerprint background screening are required for summer camp volunteers only.

The volunteer process typically takes 4 to 5 weeks. If you are interested in a particular session, you should submit your application at least 6 weeks prior to the session to ensure placement. Groups should contact the Volunteer Coordinator for special instructions. We do have waiting lists for all sessions that may fill.

Does Boggy Creek hire counselors for the summer?
We do! Please see the our Employment page for more information.

"To explain what happens at Boggy Creek is impossible! It has a magic that fills the air that words can never explain. Camp Boggy Creek thank you for a week I will NEVER forget! My dream when I grow up is to give back and volunteer as a camp counselor one day for Camp Boggy Creek"
- Thomas, Camper