Medical Partners

Healthcare Partners

Healthcare Partners play a vital role in Camp Boggy Creek’s mission to serve seriously ill children throughout Florida. These collaborations which include hospitals and healthcare organizations provide essential resources throughout the year. Many supply in-kind gifts and help recruit campers and medical volunteers. We are grateful for their continued confidence and support and thank them most sincerely.

Leadership Partners

Founding Hospitals

Medical Advisory Committee 

  • Karen A. Bringelsen, MD
    Medical Director, Camp Boggy Creek
  • Sheri Brown, RN
    Nurse Manager, Camp Boggy Creek
  • William Blanchard, MD
    Cardiology, AHA/Heart Heroes
  • Joseph Chiaro, MD
    Pediatrics, Tallahassee
  • Patricia Dean, RN
    Epilepsy/Nicklaus Children’s Hospital/Miami
  • Gul Dadlani, MD
    Cardiology/Nemours Children’s Hospital/Orlando
  • Mark Epstein, MD
    Neurology/Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
  • Cynthia Gauger, MD
    Hematology/Oncology/Nemours Children’s Specialty Care/Jacksonville
  • Deise Granado-Villar, MD
    Pediatrics/Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
  • Connie Nixon, RN
    Cardiology/University of Florida/Gainesville
  • Valerie Panzarino, MD
    Nephrology/University of South Florida/Tampa
  • William Slayton, MD
    Hematology/Oncology/University of Florida/Gainesville
  • Mark Weatherly, MD
    Pulmonology/Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital/Orlando
"What makes Camp Boggy Creek so incredible is that we can all be OURSELVES. We don't need or feel like we have to hide our scars, we can be silly, we can express our thoughts and feelings without being judged."
- Lisa, Camper