What will I be doing?
For the most part, you’ll be keeping a “low profile.” We try to create an environment that “feels” like any regular camp for kids. Our goal is to keep the campers out of the medical center (The Patch). Whenever possible, we deliver routine medications and treatments to the campers so we don’t interrupt their activities.

The Patch is our state of the art medical center that is staffed around the clock. It is fully equipped to manage any medical situation that may arise – whether minor or life-threatening.

What are the living arrangements?
Medical volunteers are housed in an air conditioned lodge reserved especially for them. The “medical duplexes” have full kitchens, TV’s and WI-FI. Check out the photos on our Camp Tour page. You will also have access to a computer to check on your patients or personal email. Camp provides three meals a day (including vegetarian selections), your bed linens, pillows and towels.

What do I bring?
You will need to bring casual clothing and your personal items. Some activity areas require closed toe shoes, such as the climbing tower and horse barn. You’ll want to bring a shade hat and a one piece bathing suit. You will be notified of the week or weekend’s “theme” ahead of time so that you can “dress up” for the dance.

"What makes Camp Boggy Creek so incredible is that we can all be OURSELVES. We don't need or feel like we have to hide our scars, we can be silly, we can express our thoughts and feelings without being judged."
- Lisa, Camper