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Mailing Address:

Camp Boggy Creek30500 Brantley Branch Road, Eustis, FL 32736

Phone Numbers:

Main Number: 352-483-4200

Toll Free: 866-462-6449

Fax Number: 352-483-0589

Staff Contact Information

Camp Administration

Office of the President and CEO

June Clark, President/CEO, ext. 4656,

Amy Farley, Executive Assistant, ext. 4622,


Leilani Ostarly, Chief Financial Officer, ext. 4627,

Human Resources/Administration

Claudine Simmons, Human Resources Manager, ext. 4640,


Lisa Hicks, Chief Development Officer, ext 4648,

Jacqueline Boykin, Gift Officer, Corporate & Community Relations, ext. 4676,

Darlene Mathisen, Development Coordinator, ext. 4644,

Stephanie Murphy, Development Project Specialist, ext. 4668,

Wendy Proctor, Major Gift Officer, ext. 4688,

Charisa Robertson, Special Events Manager, ext. 4644,


Karen Bringelsen, MD, FAAP, Medical Director, ext. 4282,

Sheri Brown, RN, Nurse Manager, ext. 4270,

Arlene Castro, Camper Recruitment Coordinator, ext. 4276,

Susan Lee, MEd, CCLS, Statewide Recruitment Officer, ext. 4641,

Mary Parrish, Camper Recruitment Coordinator, ext. 4252,

Camp Programs

David Mann, Camp Director, ext 4231,

Kirstin Cauraugh Youmans, Assistant Camp Director, ext. 4210,

Catherine Johnson, Volunteer Program Manager, ext. 4295,

Kimmy Lamborn, Manager, New Program Initiatives/Special Projects, ext. 4235,

Nick Sano, Senior Program Associate, ext. 4267,


Ron Roux, Facilities Director, ext. 4290,

Roberto Banuelas, Maintenance

Lu-Anne McBride, Housekeeping

Chris Rosenberger, Maintenance

Melina Santos, Housekeeping

Food Services

Julian Tamayo, Food Service Manager, ext. 4247/4248,

Jeannine Bettis, Food Services Associate

" While staying at Camp Boggy Creek I made friends and gained a reason to not give up. To this day I don’t just see you as a camp, I see you as a second home."
- Mandy, Camper