For parents

How much does it cost?
There is no cost to the family or camper.

Do I have to make a special appointment with my doctor to have the Medical Form completed?
In many cases, no. If your child has been to the doctor within 6 months, your doctor may be able to complete the form without an office visit.

What if I don’t have a copy of my child’s Immunization Record?
You should be able to get a copy of the “Shot Card” or “Blue Card” from your doctor or from your child’s school. All children attending camp must be fully immunized, unless an immunization is not medically advised, in which case you must submit a medical exemption signed by your doctor.

Must I have the Medical Form completed by the doctor before I can submit the application?
No. You can submit your part of the application separately from the Medical Form, as long as both are received by the deadline.

Can I visit my child while at Camp?
No. This would take away from the camping experience.

Can I call to check on my child while at Camp?
Yes. When you call, your child’s counselor will be given the message and will return your call within 24 hours. Campers are not allowed to call home as this tends to contribute to homesickness.

Can my child come a day late or leave early?
No. Campers must commit to opening and closing dates.

Can a well sibling come to camp with my camper?
No. Only the child with the illness is eligible. We do however offer Family Retreat Weekends for the whole family! These are in the Winter/Spring & Fall.

Does Camp Boggy Creek provide transportation?
No. Some of our participating organizations may provide transportation but camp does not provide transportation.

Can a parent or sibling volunteer the same week that their camper is at Camp?
No. This takes away from the camping experience for your child.

What if my child gets to Camp and wants to come home?
Our intent is to make this a joyous and memorable time in the child’s life. If your child’s homesickness does not improve and s/he is determined to go home, we will call the parent to discuss possible solutions.

Arrival and Departure…does my family/child have to commit to Retreat/Summer camp dates?
Yes. Families/campers must commit to opening and closing dates. With only a limited number of spaces available, we reserve a place for your child (summer) or your family (family retreat weekends.)

Will my child be safe at Camp?
We do all we can to provide a safe environment for the children at Camp. All staff is carefully screened including full background and reference checks. Our medical providers are fully licensed and have extensive pediatric experience. Our counselor and cabin life staff go through and extensive orientation and training before summer Camp begins. All program areas are reviewed for safety on a regular schedule. All staff members maintain certifications as required for specific program areas.

Who will take care of my child?
The counselor staff undergoes a strict interview and screening process included reference and background checks. Counselors are chosen from many applicants for their experience, enthusiasm and empathy. The entire staff receives intensive training in areas including: safety, medical issues of our campers, child development, behavioral techniques, and cultural awareness.

What is the staff to camper ratio?
For the most part, Camp maintains a ratio of 1 staff member to 3 campers. More staff is assigned if needed.

Where do the children stay?
The campers live in cabins with other children their own age and gender. Each cabin has approximately 8 to 10 campers with 4 to 5 counselors. The cabins are equipped with handicap accessible bathrooms and showers. They also climate controlled. Who provides medical care for my child? Our state-of-the-art Medical Center is staffed with pediatric physicians and nurses 24 hours a day. The nurses provide routine scheduled medical care for the campers as prescribed by their primary physicians or specialists and their parents. Parents have the opportunity to sit down with their child’s nurse to review all medical care on arrival day. You can review all your child’s special needs, medications, restrictions, etc. Your child’s nurse will set up a schedule for his/her routine care.

Do I need to bring my child’s medical supplies?
Yes. Please send all medications and supplies to Camp with your child. Make sure you send enough to last the entire time your child is at Camp. This includes; all medications (prescription and over the counter, oral, IV, IM), supplies for central line care (heparin, saline, syringes, caps, access needles, EMLA, etc.) and all other supplies, (IV or pump tubing, pumps and supplies, wheelchair, crutches, etc.) If your child needs Factor, provide that plus extra. If your child needs oxygen during the day of overnight, this must be arranged prior to coming to Camp by you and your oxygen supplier.

What happens if my child gets sick at Camp?
If your child gets sick at Camp, he/she will be evaluated by the physicians and nurses at Camp. Minor medical problems (minor cuts, ear infections, sore throats, vomiting, sprains, etc.) can be handled at Camp. Emergency medical care is provided as needed (IV antibiotics for fever, pain medications, IV fluids, etc.) If necessary, children are transported off Camp for further care. You and your child’s primary/specialty physician will be contacted by the Camp medical staff with any significant medical issues.

What if my child gets homesick?
There are a few things you can go over with your child before he or she comes to Camp that can help. Talk about it! Taking about being homesick doesn’t create a homesick child and can help prepare them for the feelings they might experience. Brainstorm some ways to feel more comfortable while away from home. If you think your child might get homesick, please let us know. Our counselors are trained to manage homesickness in campers of all ages. We would love to talk to you and your child about some ideas for making the week at Camp fun and homesick-free!

Can I write to my child?
Yes! Plan to stay in touch with your camper by writing letters. Cabin assignments are available 1 day prior to your scheduled arrival so get some notes in the mail early.

For campers

Daily Schedule
If you wake up really early there are often “morning manatee activities” such as fishing or basketball available before breakfast. After each meal there is singing and dancing.

Each morning you will go to a different activity area with the other campers from your cabin. After lunch we have rest hour or quiet time. In the afternoon you get to sign up for an activity. Every night we have something special like a campfire, stage night, Silly Olympics or a dance. Lights out is either at 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. depending on how old you are.

What will I eat at camp?
There are three full meals served everyday and plenty of snacks. If you have allergies or cannot eat certain foods because of diet or religious reasons, we make sure that the cook and counselors know this before your session begins. There will always be something tasty to keep you fueled for the day’s activities. Some campers may need to bring specialty foods. There is always a vegetarian option available.

Where will I sleep?
When you get to Camp Boggy Creek, you will move right into your cabin along with 6-9 other campers about your own age.

Who will take care of me?
Four counselors will live in your cabin. They are there to make sure you are safe and to be your friends. They will be with you throughout your time at camp. There are also doctors and nurses at Camp to make sure that you get all of the medical care you need.

What’s there to do for fun?
At Camp, you will have times when you go to a planned activity with your cabin mates, and other times you can choose what you want to do. Our activities include: Adventure (which is a ropes course), Arts & Crafts, Archery, Boating & Fishing, Horses, Sports & Recreation (our gym), Swimming, Theater, Mini-Golf, a climbing wall for the oldest campers and SO much more!

Will there be kids like me at Camp?
There is a mix of kids at Camp, but what you all have in common is that everyone who attends has a medical illness. There will most likely be kids with the same illness that you have but some may have something else. Some kids may look totally healthy while others may be bald from chemotherapy or be in a wheelchair. Some need medications every day, others do not. The important thing is that at Camp Boggy Creek everyone fits in just fine.

"When kids come to see me at the hospital or at the office, what we focus on is their illness. I think that camp affords me the opportunity to see these kids as kids rather than patients."
- Volunteer Doctor