Camper Schedule

Our spring schedule has just changed! Now accepting applications from families for these illness groups: bleeding disorders, cancer, epilepsy, heart and spina bifida. Please help us spread the word!

Selection dates are when you will be notified if accepted or placed on the waitlist.

  • Selection for Family¬†Getaway Weekends is approximately one month prior to the start date of the retreat you apply for.

Please note-Even if applying late, your application will be considered.

For the Volunteer Schedule Click Here.

Have questions or need assistance? Please contact the “Camper Recruiter” assigned to the session you are interested in.
Arlene Castro: 352-483-4110 or
Mary Parrish: 352-483-4111 or


2021 Spring Weekend Getaways
Dates of Camp
Camper Recruiter
Selection Date
Dates of Camp: Mar. 12-14
Camper Recruiter: Arlene
Selection Date: Feb. 24
Dates of Camp: Mar. 26-28
Camper Recruiter: Mary
Selection Date: Feb.26
Dates of Camp: Apr. 9-11
Camper Recruiter: Arlene
Selection Date: Mar. 9
Bleeding Disorders/Hemophilia
Dates of Camp: Apr. 23-25
Camper Recruiter: Mary
Selection Date: Mar. 23
Spina Bifida
Dates of Camp: May 7-9
Camper Recruiter: Arlene
Selection Date: Apr. 7
"I just wanted to send a warm thanks for such a wonderful weekend my family had a Boggy Creek. Since coming home from camp our son has been practicing walking without his crutches for the past week and I know some of his courage came from the overflow of Boggy Creek spirit."
- The Brown Family