Volunteer Schedule

Spring 2015 Family Retreat Weekends
Volunteer Arrival
Dates of Camp
Spina Bifida
Volunteer Arrival: Jan 16
Dates of Camp: Jan 16-19
Volunteer Arrival: Jan 30
Dates of Camp: Jan 30 - Feb 1
Volunteer Arrival: Feb 6
Dates of Camp: Feb 6-8
Volunteer Arrival: Feb 20
Dates of Camp: Feb 20-22
Volunteer Arrival: Feb 27
Dates of Camp: Feb 27 - Mar 1
Asthma (Severe) and Airways
Volunteer Arrival: Mar 11
Dates of Camp: Mar 11-15
Kidney/Inflammatory Bowel Disease/Immune Deficiency
Volunteer Arrival: Mar 20
Dates of Camp: Mar 20-22
Volunteer Arrival: Apr 10
Dates of Camp: Apr 10-12
Sickle Cell
Volunteer Arrival: Apr 17
Dates of Camp: Apr 17-19
Summer 2015
Volunteer Arrival
Dates of Camp
Volunteer Arrival: June 7
Dates of Camp: June 8-13
Cancer (South)
Volunteer Arrival: June 16
Dates of Camp: June 17-22
Volunteer Arrival: June 25
Dates of Camp: June 26 - July 1
Blood Disorders/Hemophilia/ Rheumatic/Arthritis
Volunteer Arrival: July 5
Dates of Camp: July 6-11
Cancer (North)
Volunteer Arrival: July 14
Dates of Camp: July 15-20
Asthma (Severe)/Craniofacial/Kidney/ Spina Bifida/Transplant
Volunteer Arrival: July 23
Dates of Camp: July 24-29
Gastrointestinal Illnesses/ Immune Deficiency/Rheumatic/Arthritis
Volunteer Arrival: Aug 1
Dates of Camp: Aug 2-7
Sickle Cell
Volunteer Arrival: Aug 10
Dates of Camp: Aug 11-16
Fall 2015 Family Retreat Weekends
Volunteer Arrival
Dates of Camp
Volunteer Arrival: Sept 18
Dates of Camp: Sept 18-20
Volunteer Arrival: Sept 25
Dates of Camp: Sept 25-27
Bleeding Disorders/Hemophilia
Volunteer Arrival: Oct 16
Dates of Camp: Oct 16-18
Volunteer Arrival: Oct 23
Dates of Camp: Oct 23-25
Volunteer Arrival: Oct 30
Dates of Camp: Oct 30 - Nov 1
Cancer (Jacksonville)
Volunteer Arrival: Nov 13
Dates of Camp: Nov 13-15
Spina Bifida
Volunteer Arrival: Nov 20
Dates of Camp: Nov 20-22
Asthma (Severe)
Volunteer Arrival: Dec 4
Dates of Camp: Dec 4-6
"Thank you, Boggy Creek for giving our family another fabulous family weekend! And our pals made it even more special, you girls rock! Can't wait for next year!"
- Nicole, Camper Mom