Contact Us

Mailing Address:

Camp Boggy Creek
30500 Brantley Branch Road
Eustis, FL 32736

Phone Numbers:
Main Number: 352-483-4200
Toll Free: 866-462-6449
Fax Number: 352-483-0589

Staff Contact Information

Office of the President and CEO
June Clark, President/CEO, ext. 4656,
Kim Montano, Executive Assistant, ext. 4622,

Camp Programs
David Mann, Camp Director, ext 4231,
Kimmy Lamborn, Assistant Camp Director, ext. 4235,
Robin Brubaker, Volunteer Coordinator, ext. 4293,
Luke Gonyea, Program Associate, ext. 4285,
Cindy Handley, Office Manager, ext. 4215,
Stephanie Hinckley, Assistant Volunteer Coordinator, ext. 4295,
Catherine Johnson, Activities Coordinator, ext. 4210,

Catherine McManus, Chief Development Officer, ext. 4648,
Stephanie Farwig, Assistant Development Director, ext 4676,
Sharon Couture, Grants and Database Manager, ext. 4634,
Sarah Gurtis, Corporate Development Officer, ext. 4688,
Leah Miles, Southeast Regional Development Officer, cell: 561.281.1793
Stephanie Murphy, Marketing & Communications Specialist, ext. 4668,
Jessica Shefferman, Development Specialist, ext. 4646,

Ron Roux, Facilities Director, ext. 4290,
Glen Arnold, Maintenance
Roberto Banuelas, Maintenance
Judith Kelley, Housekeeping
Karen MacLeod, Housekeeping
Lu-Anne McBride, Housekeeping
Melina Santos, Housekeeping
Chris Thorton, Maintenance

Debra Gerhard, Director of Finance and Administration, ext. 4627,

Karen Bringelsen, MD, FAAP, Medical Director, ext. 4282,
Sheri Brown, RN, Nurse Manager, ext. 4270,
Arlene Castro, Camper Recruitment Coordinator, ext. 4276,
Susan Lee, MEd, CCLS, Statewide Recruitment Officer, ext. 4641,
Mary Parrish, Camper Recruitment Coordinator, ext. 4252,

"We just left camp- My family had an amazing time. Vivia cried the whole way home because she never wanted to leave. Thank you for all you do, CBC. We will miss you!"
- Freedom, Camper Mom